My Best friend “Beth Speedy”

July 6th, 2007

Doing the salt pipe business is not easy.  Without good help and support, it is very difficult to make progress in promoting the new product on the market.  Internet is one of media to get in touch with customers and I know wholeheartely that interesting website will help to provide good information and excitement to customers visiting.

Web design is hard.  How to use software to do it is not difficult but the idea and imagination to present it is tough.  I do not want my website being boring and when visitors came in and think it is similar to others.  Also, with my nature, I put myself into web sercher and think what I want.  I would like my web to be a knowledge base web that people can get more and more information about salt pipe and salt therapy as much as I can.  I do not want my web to be like the place just for sell but if someone visit my website, they will have some knowledge about this new invention even though they do not buy.

Beth is my best friend.  She is artist and designer.  We have known each other for so long through fencing.  Beth fences sabre and she is one of the best women sabre in UK.  She was in national squad several times and she got 3rd place in British Championship in 2006.  In my view, she is the best in women sabre.  Let’s get back to website, Beth likes out salt pipe comparing to the other seen on the market and she said our Cisca Saltpipe looks sexier than others.  She composed the story of the saltpipe by giving a design out as you can see in which is different than other health product websites.  Mostly, health product presents in white, blue which in our view it is deadly boring and we like something smashing.  Beth did a great job by banging the black colour in it which at first I had no idea how it would be and it came out nice and different.  Several people like our website.  Honestly, with this work what Beth did to our company, it should cost a lot but for us it costs a friendship.  It is a true friend because friend always helps each other no matter how the situation is.  She also designed the leaflet and advert for our company which many people may have seen.  We both like tea (oriental tea) and every time she came to help us, my job was looking after her and kept filling nice hot tea to her mug and cooked nice Thai food for her with pleasure.  She also has her own website

Tomorrow 7/7/2007 is her birthday and I would like to say thanks to my best friend “Beth Speedy” who helps in every difficult situations.  Thanks for giving a nice website and graphic related to salt pipe for our customers.  Elipipe also said big THANK for this cool name.

Happy Birthday Speedy!

Salt pipe in Allergy Show 2007

July 5th, 2007

Down to London in June 2007, we went to exhibit our Cisca Saltpipe in Allergy show 2007.  This year is our 3rd time to come to meet people in this event.  We managed to get bigger stand.  Unfortunately, my unexpertise in digital camera that I did upload it all into my computer and delete them out so all photos what I took from this show were deleted so I am a bit sad that I cannot show how fantastic our stand was.

Even though we have been on the market for 3 years, most people still do not know about saltpipe too much.  Some came across with big smile immediately when they saw the name Salt Pipe.  I would be the same if I did not sell this product.  I would think about salt and pepper.

In the show we met several nice customers who came to visit and get information about the saltpipe.  On Friday, we met one old lady who has used saltpipe for 2-3 months.  She has asthma and someone bought this Cisca Saltpipe to her.  She told her story to the others who still hesitated about getting pipes for themselves.  After her advice, several customers decided to got the pipe.  I forgot to ask her name but I would like to thank you to her very much because she contributed her experience which is useful.  Also, one perseon came across to let us know that she has one and she used it over the nose but it smell really unpleasant.  I explained to her that the smell what she told us it is the smell of mineral what is inside the salt.  Because the crystal salt inside the pipe is formed over 20-30 million years and it forms under pressure so several mineral has been formed inside the crystal which makes this salt more special than table salt.  Unfortunately, I could not think fast enough that I should tell her to put some Eucalyptus oil underneath the pipe in order to make the air becomes more pleasant. 


Elipipe power!!!

July 5th, 2007

As I am not just doing the saltpipe, fencing coach is another job what I do which mainly involving with young children.  Since I started to do Saltpipe, by that time, I worked with young fencers coming to train.  Thomas is one of young fencers aged 7 at that time.  He came to the training regularly but he used to cough a lot during training.  I had a chance to work individually with him.  One day I and his mom had a chat together and knew that Thomas got asthma.  Last year about March, I gave him an Elipipe (salt pipe for children but it is in elephant shape).  He started using the pipe regularly as a part of his normal activity.  There are interesting stories about his condition which I am very please to see how he can be much more happy.  There was a time I spoke to his mom and she said that one time the whole family members got colds.  Surprisingly, Thomas was the only one that was not affected by cold.  In last winter, his mom took him to check up and the nurse was quite please about his condition.  His peak flow increased and he did not to take too many medicines as he had have for 6 years. 

I just met his mom yesterday and we had a conversation about him.  His mom told that now he can join in several sport activities and he feels more confident when he does those activities.  He sleeps much better during night time because no more cough interrupt during sleeping.  He uses less inhaler (just using only necessary).

In my experience, during the training time, I cannot hear any more coughing noise from him and of course his fencing is getting better and better.  I keep telling him is ” It is an magic from Elipipe!” 

I have hope in this saltpipe and hope children who got the Elipipe from us will get better and better as Thomas.  Finger cross “Elipipe Power!”.

PS: I just keep updating on the testimonials got from several parents which can be seen at


Natural Asthma therapy

July 4th, 2007

I have come across several questions from customers about whehter there is a real natural asthma remedy.  In my view, there should be something natural which before lots of inhalers, drugs are invented how people deal with those kinds of asthma and breathing problems.  During the Allergy show, our stand was next to the conference room, I saw one presentation of the asthma and the presenter talked about the history of drugs in ashtma.  It was invented some times not too long ago.  Question appears to my head that how those people cope with asthma.

Accidentally, I met the lady at the show who has the business about a tour to salt cave to have a treatment of salt cave therapy in Romania ( .  She told that the drugs for asthma are so expensive in her country and people manage to have the natural treatment by using saltcave for the treatment.  It is also interesting because several people who live near sea or in island are less likely to have problem with asthma.  So, definietly the natural way of coping with asthma is getting fresh salt air to help.  I do not know about another kinds of natural treatment but because I do the business in the salt pipe and this brought me into how to help people to get better.

Using salt air either going to seaside, visiting the salt caves or using salt pipe are among several natural asthma treatment.  I am sure there are several natural asthma remedy that people seem to forget if I know something more I will post to you.


Why salt pipe and What is Cisca Saltpipe ????

June 21st, 2007

People may wonder what salt pipe is and why it is useful for our breathing system.  I did too.  At the first my husband got this pipe back home and showed me and tried to explain the benefits of the salt pipe.  I just did not pay attention on it because I was a scientist and several gadgets nowadays are not really good as they was put on advertising.

My husband first got this salt pipe when he was in Hungary.  At that time, it was winter and he had been suffered with persistent cough.  Cough, cough cough!  I could hear coughing noise several times during the day and night.  He went back to visit his family in Hungary and even his son also asked him politely “Dad, could you stop coughing please?”  During his visit, he went to visit his friend whom he has known since childhood.  The old mate showed him a salt pipe and adviced him to get one.  My husband was the same as me.  He just said “OK, I will think about it.” 

On the next day he decided to get this pipe and use it. Amazinging after using like mad in the first day, he found that he coughed less.  He was not sure whether it was some co-incident but his son recognised that my husband coughed less than before.

After Christmas, he came back to UK and he showed me this salt pipe.  I had been a scientist and at first I did not pay attention too much.  He tried to convince me and demonstrate how to use it and allowed me to share his pipe in order to try.  I was skeptical at that time because several products on the market appearing to help but they wern’t.  Couple days later, I caught a cold and my throat was getting to be sore.  My husband was not home at that time and I saw his pipe and thought the logic of salt to the treatment.  I used to use salt water to gargle my throat when I have sore throat and this saltpipe can bring those salt air into deeper than my throat and salt has anticeptic property, so it should be better than the salt.  So, I took his salt pipe and use it several times and feel that the phelgm inside my chest came out easier and I used before going to bed and I can sleep much better with less cough and less sore in my throat.

I definitely got better and recover quick from the salt pipe and then I went to search on the internet and could not find any because I would like to get another one for myself.  Then I thought that if there were not in UK why we try to get it and sell it here.  At least lots of people here suffering from breathing problems can get benefit and this is how we start.

What is Cisca Saltpipe??

Cisca Saltpipe is the original patented saltpipe.  We would like to make it different from other salt pipes that you may find it in the market.  Apart from our pipe with nice designed and colorful dot, they are copied pipe and they use the same name and we would like it to be different.  Our pipe looks like in with variation of colour dot.  Also, the difference between us and the other supplier is that we have a childern pipe called Elipipe which is the same as the normal one but it is in Elephant shape which is so cute.  I personally like the elipipe because it always makes me smile.

Now let’s take a break with Cisca pipe.


Saltpipe give me a thought about this

June 20th, 2007

Just grab a pipe, sitting on the cough and relax, I can smell the fresh air coming on helping me to relax from hectic day.  I decide to open the blog in order to share my experience I got from Cisca Saltpipe since I have started to use and to promote this pipe.  I also would like to share my general knowledge related to breathing exercise from my dad’s chinese exercise. ALso, it can be a good place to share my thought about gneral thing that may be useful or give some smile to the others.