Fencing in Szombathey

Apart from doing salt pipe, I am an assistant fencing coach.  I took 2 fencers to the competition last weekend, 22-24 June 2007 to Szombathey in Hungary.  The day when we arrived, it was extremely hot comparing to the weather in Uk which was 10-14 degree.  Overthere it was 30 degree or more.  We all exhausted.

The competition on Saturday went well.  We had both defeat and victories.  At the end of the day we got one gold for boy foil and bronze for girl foil.  Not too bad result but there are more things need to be improve.  Now we are only just pass the beginning of the fencing route.  There are far away to go but I am sure we can go farther and father to acheive the best what we can.

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