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Love live the King Bhumipol

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007


The 5th December 2007 is the 80th birthday of our king, King Bhumipol-The King of Thailand.  Every Thais in Thailand will put the flags with his symblo at their houses.  Some will go to the place where he will visit today and wait along the side of the road in order to greet him even though sometimes they may not able to see him.  Some will go to the temple to do some buddhist acitivity and giving the merit to him to bless him the best wishes.  I am far away in UK but I am very proud to be his people.  I am going to the temple tomorrow to offer the food the monk and ask the monk to bless him to have long life.  We love him.  He gives Thai people so much that we cannot describe by number.  He also teach us how to live and carry on our lives under this present economy.  Because of his teaching in the way of living using the self sufficient economy, I can carry on doing the business of Saltpipe in the different way than the others in the market.  He taught us to be satisfied in what we have and being kind and able to scarify to the people who want our help.  He is the example for everything of Thai people including me.  He is the The Father of Thais no matter how where we live.   I am sure several people have heard about him and would understand why we love him so much.  He has worked hard all his life for Thai people.  He travelled around the countries especially where poor people live and try to help them to have better living.  He is now 80 years old but he has not stopped working for Thai people. We love him and highly respect him.

Long live the King  ทรงพระเจริญ