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Slow down

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Today lifestlye is so complex.  It seems to be easy to live with lots of facilities, gadgets and service.  However, people are less happier than they were.  Sometimes, the question comes across whether those kinds of thing make life more complicated.  People’s mind becomes the slave of materials.  This era should be called “Materialisation”.

Have we ever thought that our mind is fresh and clearer in the past that we do not need to be contacted 24 hours by mobile phone and when we got the mail from the envelope we can have time to think about how to write back and allow time to the others to think about us.  I think e-mail is good that we can contact instantaneously but it kills the feeling of when you miss someone and looking forward to hear or feel it.  Also, digital camera is also another thing that I feel it takes us away on the time that we sit and open album and when we take some photo with our care and feeling.  It has gone.  You can take thousand photos as you like and it is on the memory card.  You may not get chance to open and see it and enjoy it as the photocard in the albums.

However, nowadays lifestyle has a good side but it is so quick and sometimes, it is better to slow thing down.  Do not live like putting food in microwave.  Spend time on it and be patient.  As when you use saltpipe, be patient and the result will come.  It is not a modern drug working in 5-10 mins but it is ancient remedy.  It takes time.

4th Allergy show and our world

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

The 13rd-15th of June will be our 4th times in
Allergy show.  We do not know what will happen this year.  We just
hope there will be quite a few people interested in our saltpipe.  During
the previous month, I have to thank you to Michael Van Stattren who is one of
the best health specialists recommending our Cisca Saltpipe through the Program
Talksport by Mike Mendoza.  It is a great help for us and lots of people
suffering from breathing problem.  I wish I can see him and say big THANK
to him.  Many customers obtaining the pipes and the feedback is they are
getting better.  Also, there were tragic news about natural disasters
happened in Asia.  The first country is Burma with the Nagis Cyclone


and the second one is in China, 
earthquake in Sechuan. 

With an increase of sale from the saltpipe
during that period, we manage to donate some money to help people over there. 
Even though, it may not be big money but at least with our donation, it is a
share among us, the seller and the buyers helping people who need help.  We
are all human and we should help if we can more or less.  It will be very
hard for both countries to reconstruct their own nation again.

From the disasters happened, we should learn
that now our world is getting to be more dangerous.  Because of people
destroy the world quite lot either direct or indirect.  There are several
things happened without warning so we must be careful and try to think how we
can contribute to our world.   Both tragedies were sad and both have
the same ending that lots of people died, some got injuries and some lost the
love one. 

So, the most important thing for us, we are
survive and we live and we have time to live more.  What can we do to help
the other that we will never sorry about being human.

Cisca Saltpipe rescues me from catching cold.

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

I have had a cold this week since Monday.  My throat was horribly pain and I know it is the sign of catching cold.  I have not used the pipe so regularly as I used to for few weeks because I was so busy and forgot!.  I started using the pipe like mad when I know the condition would getting worse tomorrow.  Also, I decided to experiment myself how soon the saltpipe can help me to recover.  I used the pipe so often everyday and especially in the bed when I lied down and the throat was stung by pain.  I inhaled the pipe through the mouth and trying to adjust the air to hit the part where the pain was.  I could help me to find relief more or less. Of course the pain would not disappear but it is less pain.  I felt I cough up little phelgm up as well even though I lied down.  The second day was the day when the phelgm and infection started develop.  My phelgm became color but it was not difficult to get rid off because I used the pipe over the night time when I woke up at night by pain and cough and I immediately graped my pipe and use it on the laying down position till I felt asleep.  My nose start running, I could see I got an infection now and my chest is tight and full with phelgm.  I kept using the pipe as often as I could and I could blow my nose and cough up the phlegm out easily.  The throat was no pain but the infection was developed.  During Wednesday and Thursday, I kept busy about using the pipe, blow my nose and cough up the infectious stuff from my chest.  During the night, it was the worst that the nose was blocked up.  I managed to inhale the air from the pipe from the nose even though at first it was hard because nose was full with liquid stuff.  Fortunately, I had 2 saltpipes with me, I placed 2 pipes close to my nose and inhale the air from both pipes while I lied down on the bed.  I repeated it which I did not know how long till I felt that both nose were clear and I could get to sleep without taking breath through my mouth.  I woke up some time during the night because of cough and I graped the pipe and use it over the nose till I slept.  Amazingly, on Friday, my nose was still running but the color of liquid and phelgm changed.  It became clear and did not have sign of infection how ever my nose was running all day.  I kept using the pipe and did the same way when I went to bed.  Today is Saturday, I am getting better.  My nose is clearer and not so bad.  A few cough but the condition is much better.

As the user of the pipe, I would say this pipe is so amazing even though I have used it form more than 2 years but some time I was a bit lazy.  I felt it is very natural and very very effective.  I do not need to go to see teh doctor to get the antibiotic even though I knew I got a chest infection.  I belive that my body can work out and I let it go and using the salt air to help to disinfect those bacteria.  If it was in the past, I would start to take the dose of antibiotic immediately when I saw the color phelgm.

I just would like to share my experience and would like to convince people who having this pipe to use it regularly.  Even though it could not solve the exact problem what you expect from the pipe straight away, I would say it still can help but the the greal deal of help is start slowly and sometimes we cannot feel.  Like me, I am not asthmatic, I should say I do not need this pipe at all but since I used it, it helps me to survive the terrible colds and I have not seen my doctors since 2005.  My breathing is more efficient because breathing through the pipe slow my breathing down and allow my body to absorb the oxygen as well.

I hope my surviving from cold experience will be helpful for several people and who already got our pipes. 

Be healthy for all of us.


In the memory of my grandmom

Monday, August 27th, 2007

On 24 th  August 4 years ago, I lost my grandmom whose age was 94.  My grandmom is the great woman for me.  She is Chinese who was born in China in Zan Tao province which is the poor area.  She was sold by her mother to my grandfather’s family at the age of 5 years old.  She had been worked as servant in my grandad’s family which is a decent family which my great grand parents are people working with local authority.  My grandmom had to work hard.  Her job was cooking, going to forest to find food and wood.  She eventually married with my granddad and had a son.  Later on my granddad decided to come over to Thailand during Zun Yad Zen Presidency.  In Zan Toa, life was full with poverty and some of my granddad’s friend who immigrate to Thailand told him to come over to Thailand which full with jobs and prosperity.  After my granddad left, my grand mom had not heard from him and did not know how he was and then decided to take my uncle to come over to looking for my granddad in Thailand.

My grandmom told me that she was on the boat and sat beside the chimney of th boat.  No food and hygenic but full with hope that Thailand would be the new life that my granddad was there.  When she arrived to Thailand, she had no clue where granddad was.  She just tried to find him by asking his friends and accidentally one day they met each other at the majestic field outside the grand palace in Bangkok.

Life in Thailand was not on the dream what she thought.  It was even harder especially communication that Thai people speak Thai but she could not speak even a word.  She is a fighter and trying to learn everything.  She had never given up thing because she must look after her family.  My grandmom has 5 sons and 3 daughters but 2 of them died.  Life was tough and she fought for it. 

She passed away on 24th August 2003 with lung cancer.  I went back home during the time she was in CCU.  She also had heart problems but the lung cancer was more severe.  It was at the final stage when we knew it in 2003.  I always suspect that during the time when she did her job about making the piggy bank and paint it, she must inhaled lots of chemical to her lung and as we know safety and regulation in the past was nothing that people will care about.  To live is more important.  She did not know that she had cancer and I was there to share some time to look after her and she still taught me several thing about life.  She told that  “To do good thing must get the good thing back and never give up to do good thing even though we cannot see the result.”  I left her back to England one week before she passed away.  She did not fear on the death because she told me that everyone must die.  I gave her a hug and said I love her and if she was not scare of the death I was not worry about her.  I am glad to be her granddaughter and will see and remember her as example for my life.

“You are away. One day you come back, you will not see me anymore” She said everytime when I went to visit her.  “You always with me.  You can see me from the sky and I always see you from my heart and remember the love from you.” I always replied her.

Now, she is right.  I cannot see her anymore but she is still with me, in my memory.  Doing the saltpipe is an encouragement from her who suffered from breathing problems and develop to be cancer.  When customers talked to me about their symptoms, I fully understand how they feel because I can see what my grandmom suffering with especially using the phlegm suction, using inhaler, geing given oxygen.  If I would know saltpipe earlier, at least I can possibly help her to suffer less.  So, I am glad now I am in part of helping lots of people to find relief from breathing problems and I know I do not do it just for money.  I do it because I love it and feel that I can help more or less.

On this occasion, I would like to pay my respect to her even she was not here with me and she still in my mind and being with me until I will not be here. 

From loving granddaughter

24th August 2007

AIDS and Saltpipe

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

In a chilly summer this year 2007, I am thinking several things about the life.  Life is a creation of human being and the next question is what we can do during the time when we still exist.  I am 35 and going to be 36 and one important question is whether I give something back to the society or the world where we live.  Life is uncertain and we do not know whether we will live for tomorrow or even in the next minute. 

Doing Saltpipe is one good thing that I can help people to find relief and also some part of profits what we got, we donate back to the society.  My plan this year is donating to the temple in Thailand called Prabhatnampu Temple .  This temple helps people who have HIV which their families deny them to stay with them.  Some people was taken there and drop as a parcel in front of the gate of the temple.  Some were the last stage of AIDS with their baby or children.  The help from this temple is free and Venerable Alonggot who is an abbot of this place kindly and wholeheartedly help people who suffering with AIDS.  It is not a small project but it is very big and huge responsibility and this place have not got any financial support from the government. Funding for running this place is just from people donations. So, our customers who bought our saltpipes could be proud and happy that you are helping the desperate people with no hope and no life and nobody wants them, to be looked after by money what we are going to donate to this temple.

We are luckier than those people and I am sure we will be happy that we can be useful part to help people and may all good things to my customers.

Alex likes Elipipe!

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Alex is one of my fencers.   She is lovely girl and working hard person. From last travelling with her in  fencing compeition, I recognise she coughed and complained about sore throat.  I gave her an Elipipe on the day when we went down to the competition for England Championship.  She really liked the Elipipe and keep using it even during the competition.  She won on the day and she said I really like Elipipe and it keep me calm and relax in the competition.


My Best friend “Beth Speedy”

Friday, July 6th, 2007

Doing the salt pipe business is not easy.  Without good help and support, it is very difficult to make progress in promoting the new product on the market.  Internet is one of media to get in touch with customers and I know wholeheartely that interesting website will help to provide good information and excitement to customers visiting.

Web design is hard.  How to use software to do it is not difficult but the idea and imagination to present it is tough.  I do not want my website being boring and when visitors came in and think it is similar to others.  Also, with my nature, I put myself into web sercher and think what I want.  I would like my web to be a knowledge base web that people can get more and more information about salt pipe and salt therapy as much as I can.  I do not want my web to be like the place just for sell but if someone visit my website, they will have some knowledge about this new invention even though they do not buy.

Beth is my best friend.  She is artist and designer.  We have known each other for so long through fencing.  Beth fences sabre and she is one of the best women sabre in UK.  She was in national squad several times and she got 3rd place in British Championship in 2006.  In my view, she is the best in women sabre.  Let’s get back to website, Beth likes out salt pipe comparing to the other seen on the market and she said our Cisca Saltpipe looks sexier than others.  She composed the story of the saltpipe by giving a design out as you can see in which is different than other health product websites.  Mostly, health product presents in white, blue which in our view it is deadly boring and we like something smashing.  Beth did a great job by banging the black colour in it which at first I had no idea how it would be and it came out nice and different.  Several people like our website.  Honestly, with this work what Beth did to our company, it should cost a lot but for us it costs a friendship.  It is a true friend because friend always helps each other no matter how the situation is.  She also designed the leaflet and advert for our company which many people may have seen.  We both like tea (oriental tea) and every time she came to help us, my job was looking after her and kept filling nice hot tea to her mug and cooked nice Thai food for her with pleasure.  She also has her own website

Tomorrow 7/7/2007 is her birthday and I would like to say thanks to my best friend “Beth Speedy” who helps in every difficult situations.  Thanks for giving a nice website and graphic related to salt pipe for our customers.  Elipipe also said big THANK for this cool name.

Happy Birthday Speedy!

Salt pipe in Allergy Show 2007

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Down to London in June 2007, we went to exhibit our Cisca Saltpipe in Allergy show 2007.  This year is our 3rd time to come to meet people in this event.  We managed to get bigger stand.  Unfortunately, my unexpertise in digital camera that I did upload it all into my computer and delete them out so all photos what I took from this show were deleted so I am a bit sad that I cannot show how fantastic our stand was.

Even though we have been on the market for 3 years, most people still do not know about saltpipe too much.  Some came across with big smile immediately when they saw the name Salt Pipe.  I would be the same if I did not sell this product.  I would think about salt and pepper.

In the show we met several nice customers who came to visit and get information about the saltpipe.  On Friday, we met one old lady who has used saltpipe for 2-3 months.  She has asthma and someone bought this Cisca Saltpipe to her.  She told her story to the others who still hesitated about getting pipes for themselves.  After her advice, several customers decided to got the pipe.  I forgot to ask her name but I would like to thank you to her very much because she contributed her experience which is useful.  Also, one perseon came across to let us know that she has one and she used it over the nose but it smell really unpleasant.  I explained to her that the smell what she told us it is the smell of mineral what is inside the salt.  Because the crystal salt inside the pipe is formed over 20-30 million years and it forms under pressure so several mineral has been formed inside the crystal which makes this salt more special than table salt.  Unfortunately, I could not think fast enough that I should tell her to put some Eucalyptus oil underneath the pipe in order to make the air becomes more pleasant. 


Elipipe power!!!

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

As I am not just doing the saltpipe, fencing coach is another job what I do which mainly involving with young children.  Since I started to do Saltpipe, by that time, I worked with young fencers coming to train.  Thomas is one of young fencers aged 7 at that time.  He came to the training regularly but he used to cough a lot during training.  I had a chance to work individually with him.  One day I and his mom had a chat together and knew that Thomas got asthma.  Last year about March, I gave him an Elipipe (salt pipe for children but it is in elephant shape).  He started using the pipe regularly as a part of his normal activity.  There are interesting stories about his condition which I am very please to see how he can be much more happy.  There was a time I spoke to his mom and she said that one time the whole family members got colds.  Surprisingly, Thomas was the only one that was not affected by cold.  In last winter, his mom took him to check up and the nurse was quite please about his condition.  His peak flow increased and he did not to take too many medicines as he had have for 6 years. 

I just met his mom yesterday and we had a conversation about him.  His mom told that now he can join in several sport activities and he feels more confident when he does those activities.  He sleeps much better during night time because no more cough interrupt during sleeping.  He uses less inhaler (just using only necessary).

In my experience, during the training time, I cannot hear any more coughing noise from him and of course his fencing is getting better and better.  I keep telling him is ” It is an magic from Elipipe!” 

I have hope in this saltpipe and hope children who got the Elipipe from us will get better and better as Thomas.  Finger cross “Elipipe Power!”.

PS: I just keep updating on the testimonials got from several parents which can be seen at


Natural Asthma therapy

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

I have come across several questions from customers about whehter there is a real natural asthma remedy.  In my view, there should be something natural which before lots of inhalers, drugs are invented how people deal with those kinds of asthma and breathing problems.  During the Allergy show, our stand was next to the conference room, I saw one presentation of the asthma and the presenter talked about the history of drugs in ashtma.  It was invented some times not too long ago.  Question appears to my head that how those people cope with asthma.

Accidentally, I met the lady at the show who has the business about a tour to salt cave to have a treatment of salt cave therapy in Romania ( .  She told that the drugs for asthma are so expensive in her country and people manage to have the natural treatment by using saltcave for the treatment.  It is also interesting because several people who live near sea or in island are less likely to have problem with asthma.  So, definietly the natural way of coping with asthma is getting fresh salt air to help.  I do not know about another kinds of natural treatment but because I do the business in the salt pipe and this brought me into how to help people to get better.

Using salt air either going to seaside, visiting the salt caves or using salt pipe are among several natural asthma treatment.  I am sure there are several natural asthma remedy that people seem to forget if I know something more I will post to you.