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Alex likes Elipipe!

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Alex is one of my fencers.   She is lovely girl and working hard person. From last travelling with her in  fencing compeition, I recognise she coughed and complained about sore throat.  I gave her an Elipipe on the day when we went down to the competition for England Championship.  She really liked the Elipipe and keep using it even during the competition.  She won on the day and she said I really like Elipipe and it keep me calm and relax in the competition.


Elipipe power!!!

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

As I am not just doing the saltpipe, fencing coach is another job what I do which mainly involving with young children.  Since I started to do Saltpipe, by that time, I worked with young fencers coming to train.  Thomas is one of young fencers aged 7 at that time.  He came to the training regularly but he used to cough a lot during training.  I had a chance to work individually with him.  One day I and his mom had a chat together and knew that Thomas got asthma.  Last year about March, I gave him an Elipipe (salt pipe for children but it is in elephant shape).  He started using the pipe regularly as a part of his normal activity.  There are interesting stories about his condition which I am very please to see how he can be much more happy.  There was a time I spoke to his mom and she said that one time the whole family members got colds.  Surprisingly, Thomas was the only one that was not affected by cold.  In last winter, his mom took him to check up and the nurse was quite please about his condition.  His peak flow increased and he did not to take too many medicines as he had have for 6 years. 

I just met his mom yesterday and we had a conversation about him.  His mom told that now he can join in several sport activities and he feels more confident when he does those activities.  He sleeps much better during night time because no more cough interrupt during sleeping.  He uses less inhaler (just using only necessary).

In my experience, during the training time, I cannot hear any more coughing noise from him and of course his fencing is getting better and better.  I keep telling him is ” It is an magic from Elipipe!” 

I have hope in this saltpipe and hope children who got the Elipipe from us will get better and better as Thomas.  Finger cross “Elipipe Power!”.

PS: I just keep updating on the testimonials got from several parents which can be seen at