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Stay away from home and study abroad is not easy.  I began my journey from my hometown, Bangkok, Thailand in 2 of January 1996.  It was difficult because after working in an international company, I realised how much important the English language is.  In terms of reading and writing, it was OK. Speaking and communication is tough especially Thai people have their own language.

I graduated in one of the best university in Thailand, Chulalongkorn University.  My first degree is Material Sciences specialised in Ceramics.  I went to USA and finish my second degree there in MBA in Finance.  After spending time in the USA for four and a half year I headed off from the State and came to England to do my PhD.   I finally  to complete my second degree at University of Durham in MSc in Economics and Finance and  my Phd. in Economics.

My major sport favor is not football but Fencing which is a unique sport.  Unfortunately, it is not so popular in UK but I had fenced and have had involved with fencing for 17 years.  My husband is a fencing coach and he is very famous person in fencing.  He is the first coach of 2 Hungarian Olympic gold medallists in Seoul and Barcelona in sabres. Since he came to UK, he brought up several fencers who became the national member squad and British Champion.

My interest has been changed over time.  When I was young my interest was involved in sciences, mechanics which I had a dream to be an engineer.  When I was in University my interest was fencing.  During the time in USA, my interest is getting a part time job and made money.  When I have been in UK, apart from finishing my PhD fencing became an interest again.  I help my husband Prof. Laszlo Jakab to teach young fencers.

Later on I had an opportunity to know salt pipe.  It is a great way to help people to live better as this pipe can help improve breathing as so many people nowadays are living in the modern world surround with pollution.

To do the business abroad, it is not easy to gain credit and trust from UK people

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