Slow down

Today lifestlye is so complex.  It seems to be easy to live with lots of facilities, gadgets and service.  However, people are less happier than they were.  Sometimes, the question comes across whether those kinds of thing make life more complicated.  People’s mind becomes the slave of materials.  This era should be called “Materialisation”.

Have we ever thought that our mind is fresh and clearer in the past that we do not need to be contacted 24 hours by mobile phone and when we got the mail from the envelope we can have time to think about how to write back and allow time to the others to think about us.  I think e-mail is good that we can contact instantaneously but it kills the feeling of when you miss someone and looking forward to hear or feel it.  Also, digital camera is also another thing that I feel it takes us away on the time that we sit and open album and when we take some photo with our care and feeling.  It has gone.  You can take thousand photos as you like and it is on the memory card.  You may not get chance to open and see it and enjoy it as the photocard in the albums.

However, nowadays lifestyle has a good side but it is so quick and sometimes, it is better to slow thing down.  Do not live like putting food in microwave.  Spend time on it and be patient.  As when you use saltpipe, be patient and the result will come.  It is not a modern drug working in 5-10 mins but it is ancient remedy.  It takes time.

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