4th Allergy show and our world

The 13rd-15th of June will be our 4th times in
Allergy show.  We do not know what will happen this year.  We just
hope there will be quite a few people interested in our saltpipe.  During
the previous month, I have to thank you to Michael Van Stattren who is one of
the best health specialists recommending our Cisca Saltpipe through the Program
Talksport by Mike Mendoza.  It is a great help for us and lots of people
suffering from breathing problem.  I wish I can see him and say big THANK
to him.  Many customers obtaining the pipes and the feedback is they are
getting better.  Also, there were tragic news about natural disasters
happened in Asia.  The first country is Burma with the Nagis Cyclone


and the second one is in China, 
earthquake in Sechuan. 

With an increase of sale from the saltpipe
during that period, we manage to donate some money to help people over there. 
Even though, it may not be big money but at least with our donation, it is a
share among us, the seller and the buyers helping people who need help.  We
are all human and we should help if we can more or less.  It will be very
hard for both countries to reconstruct their own nation again.

From the disasters happened, we should learn
that now our world is getting to be more dangerous.  Because of people
destroy the world quite lot either direct or indirect.  There are several
things happened without warning so we must be careful and try to think how we
can contribute to our world.   Both tragedies were sad and both have
the same ending that lots of people died, some got injuries and some lost the
love one. 

So, the most important thing for us, we are
survive and we live and we have time to live more.  What can we do to help
the other that we will never sorry about being human.

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