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What is Success?

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Life is full with success and failure.  One question comes across is what success is which on the other hand we must answer along with this question is what failure is.  In general, success is the judgement that we build up the goal and trying to achieve it and failure is when we cannot make it.

However, if we look in the the concept of success, we achieve the goal set whether it is real success.  Acutally, there is no success but rather the satisfaction of what we set up the target in the mind and unsatisfaction on what we cannot achieve.  Success of one person can be the failure of another.  For example, the gold medal of Olympic winner is the failure of person who get silver, bronze or achieve nothing.  In business, success may means lots of profits.  Is it true success?  Does success actually mean happiness?

Can we live without success?  Yes we can but the first thing we have to see clear is that success does not mean best achievement or being millionare.   Success does not mean winning against the losers.  However, if we change the word success to satisfaction to our own capability, it makes much more sense.  If we do not win but we are happy for the whole performance on what we did and feel happy for people who do better than us.  In my view, the real success is no feeling of success or unsuccess.  It is neutral but feel good about the thing what we have done.