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Cisca Saltpipe rescues me from catching cold.

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

I have had a cold this week since Monday.  My throat was horribly pain and I know it is the sign of catching cold.  I have not used the pipe so regularly as I used to for few weeks because I was so busy and forgot!.  I started using the pipe like mad when I know the condition would getting worse tomorrow.  Also, I decided to experiment myself how soon the saltpipe can help me to recover.  I used the pipe so often everyday and especially in the bed when I lied down and the throat was stung by pain.  I inhaled the pipe through the mouth and trying to adjust the air to hit the part where the pain was.  I could help me to find relief more or less. Of course the pain would not disappear but it is less pain.  I felt I cough up little phelgm up as well even though I lied down.  The second day was the day when the phelgm and infection started develop.  My phelgm became color but it was not difficult to get rid off because I used the pipe over the night time when I woke up at night by pain and cough and I immediately graped my pipe and use it on the laying down position till I felt asleep.  My nose start running, I could see I got an infection now and my chest is tight and full with phelgm.  I kept using the pipe as often as I could and I could blow my nose and cough up the phlegm out easily.  The throat was no pain but the infection was developed.  During Wednesday and Thursday, I kept busy about using the pipe, blow my nose and cough up the infectious stuff from my chest.  During the night, it was the worst that the nose was blocked up.  I managed to inhale the air from the pipe from the nose even though at first it was hard because nose was full with liquid stuff.  Fortunately, I had 2 saltpipes with me, I placed 2 pipes close to my nose and inhale the air from both pipes while I lied down on the bed.  I repeated it which I did not know how long till I felt that both nose were clear and I could get to sleep without taking breath through my mouth.  I woke up some time during the night because of cough and I graped the pipe and use it over the nose till I slept.  Amazingly, on Friday, my nose was still running but the color of liquid and phelgm changed.  It became clear and did not have sign of infection how ever my nose was running all day.  I kept using the pipe and did the same way when I went to bed.  Today is Saturday, I am getting better.  My nose is clearer and not so bad.  A few cough but the condition is much better.

As the user of the pipe, I would say this pipe is so amazing even though I have used it form more than 2 years but some time I was a bit lazy.  I felt it is very natural and very very effective.  I do not need to go to see teh doctor to get the antibiotic even though I knew I got a chest infection.  I belive that my body can work out and I let it go and using the salt air to help to disinfect those bacteria.  If it was in the past, I would start to take the dose of antibiotic immediately when I saw the color phelgm.

I just would like to share my experience and would like to convince people who having this pipe to use it regularly.  Even though it could not solve the exact problem what you expect from the pipe straight away, I would say it still can help but the the greal deal of help is start slowly and sometimes we cannot feel.  Like me, I am not asthmatic, I should say I do not need this pipe at all but since I used it, it helps me to survive the terrible colds and I have not seen my doctors since 2005.  My breathing is more efficient because breathing through the pipe slow my breathing down and allow my body to absorb the oxygen as well.

I hope my surviving from cold experience will be helpful for several people and who already got our pipes. 

Be healthy for all of us.