AIDS and Saltpipe

In a chilly summer this year 2007, I am thinking several things about the life.  Life is a creation of human being and the next question is what we can do during the time when we still exist.  I am 35 and going to be 36 and one important question is whether I give something back to the society or the world where we live.  Life is uncertain and we do not know whether we will live for tomorrow or even in the next minute. 

Doing Saltpipe is one good thing that I can help people to find relief and also some part of profits what we got, we donate back to the society.  My plan this year is donating to the temple in Thailand called Prabhatnampu Temple .  This temple helps people who have HIV which their families deny them to stay with them.  Some people was taken there and drop as a parcel in front of the gate of the temple.  Some were the last stage of AIDS with their baby or children.  The help from this temple is free and Venerable Alonggot who is an abbot of this place kindly and wholeheartedly help people who suffering with AIDS.  It is not a small project but it is very big and huge responsibility and this place have not got any financial support from the government. Funding for running this place is just from people donations. So, our customers who bought our saltpipes could be proud and happy that you are helping the desperate people with no hope and no life and nobody wants them, to be looked after by money what we are going to donate to this temple.

We are luckier than those people and I am sure we will be happy that we can be useful part to help people and may all good things to my customers.

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