Salt pipe is so proud with Bronze medal for wheelchair fencing

This week 11-21 July is the week that my husband took a team of wheelchair fencers to Warsaw.  I waited to hear the good news for him everyday however the results are only decent but honestly with the people who just work only 15 months or less in fencing, this is good result.  On Wednesday, I got a good news from him that Phil went to semi and eventually he got bronze medal.  It is the first medal in European Championship ever that Great Britain can make.  No one else have done it before.  Being honest, wheelchair fencing in GB is really bad comparison to the other nations.  No support even in the people in the organisation.  Lots of politics around which I really hate it when my husband has to get involve. 

By the way, this result means so much to Phil.  Lee, his team mate, told my husband that Phil went to sleep last night with the medal still hanging on his neck.  I am sure it is the best event in his life which with his disability if he was not fence, he could not get achievement and being proud about it.

Cisca saltpipe has helped us a lot especially giving my husband to work with them Lee, Phil, Rob and Chirs. This is also down to our customers who buy these pipes.  Your money have given these wheelchair fencers a chance to get into sport and being happy.

I hope this Bronze medal will also make you proud of him.

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