3 English Champions thanks to Salt pipe customers

This weekend was a success weekend for me and my husband.  Our fencers got gold medals in each category U13 boy, U13 girl and U15 boy.  The opportunity to be good fencing coach in this country is hard because lots of coaches have to make their own living which at the end of the day they may not be able to give the best to everyone because they have to live.

I had never realised that I was going to be a coach.  I love fencing and at that time my goal is finish my Phd and being somebody in academic.  Of course, working like that does not give anytime to do anything else just work work and work!. 

Salt pipe gives me new life by running this business as well as teaching fencing. I can help lots of young children to fence as well as can let me support some fencers who are really talented but not strong financial background.  To be good fencers costs lots of money as well as other sports like tennis.  Lots of training, fencing tournament and equipment costs fortune to parents.  We lived in Northeast “The Far Corner” which makes more difficulties to get sponsors and money from government to develop this sport.  Now, I can help them by giving sufficient training without extra cost from the parents. 

I thanks to Saltpipe and the most important thing BIG THANK YOU! to all my customers who use this Cisca Saltpipe.  Every pipe the customer bought, it has been giving fencing support. You all are the major part of supporting these young fencers and you are the real sponsors to the children in this society to do sport and not hanging around on the street.  You are helping children to learn discipline and feel responsibility toward the sport that it will help them to be good adult people in the future.

Now, you could be proud you are the part of these 3 Trophies.  Thank you for you all.

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