My Best friend “Beth Speedy”

Doing the salt pipe business is not easy.  Without good help and support, it is very difficult to make progress in promoting the new product on the market.  Internet is one of media to get in touch with customers and I know wholeheartely that interesting website will help to provide good information and excitement to customers visiting.

Web design is hard.  How to use software to do it is not difficult but the idea and imagination to present it is tough.  I do not want my website being boring and when visitors came in and think it is similar to others.  Also, with my nature, I put myself into web sercher and think what I want.  I would like my web to be a knowledge base web that people can get more and more information about salt pipe and salt therapy as much as I can.  I do not want my web to be like the place just for sell but if someone visit my website, they will have some knowledge about this new invention even though they do not buy.

Beth is my best friend.  She is artist and designer.  We have known each other for so long through fencing.  Beth fences sabre and she is one of the best women sabre in UK.  She was in national squad several times and she got 3rd place in British Championship in 2006.  In my view, she is the best in women sabre.  Let’s get back to website, Beth likes out salt pipe comparing to the other seen on the market and she said our Cisca Saltpipe looks sexier than others.  She composed the story of the saltpipe by giving a design out as you can see in which is different than other health product websites.  Mostly, health product presents in white, blue which in our view it is deadly boring and we like something smashing.  Beth did a great job by banging the black colour in it which at first I had no idea how it would be and it came out nice and different.  Several people like our website.  Honestly, with this work what Beth did to our company, it should cost a lot but for us it costs a friendship.  It is a true friend because friend always helps each other no matter how the situation is.  She also designed the leaflet and advert for our company which many people may have seen.  We both like tea (oriental tea) and every time she came to help us, my job was looking after her and kept filling nice hot tea to her mug and cooked nice Thai food for her with pleasure.  She also has her own website

Tomorrow 7/7/2007 is her birthday and I would like to say thanks to my best friend “Beth Speedy” who helps in every difficult situations.  Thanks for giving a nice website and graphic related to salt pipe for our customers.  Elipipe also said big THANK for this cool name.

Happy Birthday Speedy!

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