Salt pipe in Allergy Show 2007

Down to London in June 2007, we went to exhibit our Cisca Saltpipe in Allergy show 2007.  This year is our 3rd time to come to meet people in this event.  We managed to get bigger stand.  Unfortunately, my unexpertise in digital camera that I did upload it all into my computer and delete them out so all photos what I took from this show were deleted so I am a bit sad that I cannot show how fantastic our stand was.

Even though we have been on the market for 3 years, most people still do not know about saltpipe too much.  Some came across with big smile immediately when they saw the name Salt Pipe.  I would be the same if I did not sell this product.  I would think about salt and pepper.

In the show we met several nice customers who came to visit and get information about the saltpipe.  On Friday, we met one old lady who has used saltpipe for 2-3 months.  She has asthma and someone bought this Cisca Saltpipe to her.  She told her story to the others who still hesitated about getting pipes for themselves.  After her advice, several customers decided to got the pipe.  I forgot to ask her name but I would like to thank you to her very much because she contributed her experience which is useful.  Also, one perseon came across to let us know that she has one and she used it over the nose but it smell really unpleasant.  I explained to her that the smell what she told us it is the smell of mineral what is inside the salt.  Because the crystal salt inside the pipe is formed over 20-30 million years and it forms under pressure so several mineral has been formed inside the crystal which makes this salt more special than table salt.  Unfortunately, I could not think fast enough that I should tell her to put some Eucalyptus oil underneath the pipe in order to make the air becomes more pleasant. 


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