Natural Asthma therapy

I have come across several questions from customers about whehter there is a real natural asthma remedy.  In my view, there should be something natural which before lots of inhalers, drugs are invented how people deal with those kinds of asthma and breathing problems.  During the Allergy show, our stand was next to the conference room, I saw one presentation of the asthma and the presenter talked about the history of drugs in ashtma.  It was invented some times not too long ago.  Question appears to my head that how those people cope with asthma.

Accidentally, I met the lady at the show who has the business about a tour to salt cave to have a treatment of salt cave therapy in Romania ( .  She told that the drugs for asthma are so expensive in her country and people manage to have the natural treatment by using saltcave for the treatment.  It is also interesting because several people who live near sea or in island are less likely to have problem with asthma.  So, definietly the natural way of coping with asthma is getting fresh salt air to help.  I do not know about another kinds of natural treatment but because I do the business in the salt pipe and this brought me into how to help people to get better.

Using salt air either going to seaside, visiting the salt caves or using salt pipe are among several natural asthma treatment.  I am sure there are several natural asthma remedy that people seem to forget if I know something more I will post to you.


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