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Why salt pipe and What is Cisca Saltpipe ????

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

People may wonder what salt pipe is and why it is useful for our breathing system.  I did too.  At the first my husband got this pipe back home and showed me and tried to explain the benefits of the salt pipe.  I just did not pay attention on it because I was a scientist and several gadgets nowadays are not really good as they was put on advertising.

My husband first got this salt pipe when he was in Hungary.  At that time, it was winter and he had been suffered with persistent cough.  Cough, cough cough!  I could hear coughing noise several times during the day and night.  He went back to visit his family in Hungary and even his son also asked him politely “Dad, could you stop coughing please?”  During his visit, he went to visit his friend whom he has known since childhood.  The old mate showed him a salt pipe and adviced him to get one.  My husband was the same as me.  He just said “OK, I will think about it.” 

On the next day he decided to get this pipe and use it. Amazinging after using like mad in the first day, he found that he coughed less.  He was not sure whether it was some co-incident but his son recognised that my husband coughed less than before.

After Christmas, he came back to UK and he showed me this salt pipe.  I had been a scientist and at first I did not pay attention too much.  He tried to convince me and demonstrate how to use it and allowed me to share his pipe in order to try.  I was skeptical at that time because several products on the market appearing to help but they wern’t.  Couple days later, I caught a cold and my throat was getting to be sore.  My husband was not home at that time and I saw his pipe and thought the logic of salt to the treatment.  I used to use salt water to gargle my throat when I have sore throat and this saltpipe can bring those salt air into deeper than my throat and salt has anticeptic property, so it should be better than the salt.  So, I took his salt pipe and use it several times and feel that the phelgm inside my chest came out easier and I used before going to bed and I can sleep much better with less cough and less sore in my throat.

I definitely got better and recover quick from the salt pipe and then I went to search on the internet and could not find any because I would like to get another one for myself.  Then I thought that if there were not in UK why we try to get it and sell it here.  At least lots of people here suffering from breathing problems can get benefit and this is how we start.

What is Cisca Saltpipe??

Cisca Saltpipe is the original patented saltpipe.  We would like to make it different from other salt pipes that you may find it in the market.  Apart from our pipe with nice designed and colorful dot, they are copied pipe and they use the same name and we would like it to be different.  Our pipe looks like in with variation of colour dot.  Also, the difference between us and the other supplier is that we have a childern pipe called Elipipe which is the same as the normal one but it is in Elephant shape which is so cute.  I personally like the elipipe because it always makes me smile.

Now let’s take a break with Cisca pipe.


Saltpipe give me a thought about this

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Just grab a pipe, sitting on the cough and relax, I can smell the fresh air coming on helping me to relax from hectic day.  I decide to open the blog in order to share my experience I got from Cisca Saltpipe since I have started to use and to promote this pipe.  I also would like to share my general knowledge related to breathing exercise from my dad’s chinese exercise. ALso, it can be a good place to share my thought about gneral thing that may be useful or give some smile to the others.